Your football news delivered in a Flash

Football Flash – the best football breaking news app available; cost-free and ad-free! Don’t trawl through the news that’s not useful to you – we’ll just deliver your stuff only! Just pick the news topics you like and football flash will deliver.


Simply pick a football team and any breaking news stories will be sent straight to you as soon as they are published – simple!


We’re not interested in non-reputable sources, so it’s just tier one sources – no made up stories – no messing. Our app is completely anonymous, there is no registration, no email and no unsolicited messages. You are in control of what news you want to receive, and with our “Save for Offline” feature you can even use it when on the tube or on a flight.

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Your football news delivered in a Flash Your football news delivered in a Flash
Get the Football Flash app

Get the Football Flash app

Football Flash is a personal newsreader app that allows you to pick the subjects that you are interested in and finds all relevant sources of news for those subjects. Choose from a set of pre-defined categories and topics or search for your own subjects.


Football Flash lets you create a personalised search list lists on the main screen for all your favourite news subjects. Browse an article, share it with friends and family, and mark it off your list – all at the tap of a finger with a simple intuitive interface.

Features of Football Flash

  • Easy to use

  • Share your news

  • Save for offline reading

  • All of your news, one app

  • Completely Anonymous

  • Notifications you control

What makes Football Flash different?

Football Flash is easy to use and has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to pick up the app and get going in seconds.


  • Ethical

    The best post truth breaking news app, only taking news stories from tier one sources

  • Easy to use

    The app is really easy to use and always puts you in control of the news stories you want to receive

  • Secure

    In Football Flash there is no personal tracking and our app is spam proof